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Nourishment for Your Hospital Bag

Let's face it, most hospital menus leave a lot to be desired. There are slim options for foods that offer postpartum nourishment through an Ayurvedic lens (see our blog post Ayurvedic Principles of Postpartum Nourishment), and the flavor is often lacking. Below are 6 items you can add to your hospital bag that don't require refrigeration, and can help you get the most out of a basic hospital menu.

1. Dates: nourishes depleted tissue, supports milk production, naturally sweet. Add to your morning oatmeal or porridge, or pair with nut butter and spices for an afternoon snack.

2. Savory Spice Blend: increases your digestive fire, and add more life to your dishes. Grab 3-4 of your favorite spices, mix together and store in its own spice container. Examples might be turmeric, coriander and cumin, or oregano, dill and basil. You may choose to pack your own salt and black pepper, but most hospitals have small packets of each available Add to rice, sweet potato or steamed veggies.

3. Sweet Spice Blend: invites warmth and sweetness. Try blending equal portions of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, and adjust flavor from there. Perhaps you might add a pinch of clove or nutmeg. Add to your oatmeal, fruit, or sprinkle on nut butter stuffed dates. You can even add a dash to hot water for a soothing tea.

4. Nut Butter: helps to pacify Vata with oils and creaminess. Stuff into dates, add to oatmeal or sautéed veggies and rice.

5. Sesame Seeds: supports easeful bowel movements, decreases Ama, calms and grounds elevated Vata post-birth, and is said to support digestion by decreasing Ama. Sprinkle into oatmeal and rice, or garnish your nut butter stuffed dates.

6. Ghee: strengthens, soothes and hydrates tissues, and aids with milk production and digestion. Add to any meal, snack, or even a hot cup of water.

What's in your hospital bag?

Blog post published by Christine Anderson of Woven Postpartum.


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