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Emerging into Kapha Season

Late winter and early spring seasons are ruled by the Kapha dosha, and we're offering tips and sone of our favorite tea recipes (scroll to bottom) to help you emerge with the increasing sunlight. Kapha is composed of the earth and water elements, and its qualities are oily, heavy, slow, smooth, cool, static, cloudy, dense and gross (think opposite of subtle). Inviting warming foods and practices will help stimulate Kapha, and keep you thriving this season with more ease, inspiration and joy.


Kapha season is the season to get up and sweat! Whether you walk, run, or dance, daily full body movement will decrease stagnation in the body, get your blood pumping, and your diaphragm invigorated. Have a dance party with your kids (or pets) in the living room to start each day! When engaging in yoga, flow through steady vinyasa practices in a warm room. Pranayama (the practice of breath control) techniques such as Kapalabhati (skull shining breath) and Ujjayi (victorious breath) help energize and cleanse the mind and body.


Favor warm and hot meals that are well seasoned. Incorporating pungent, bitter and astringent foods and spices are encouraged during Kapha season. Examples are dark leafy greens, turmeric, sesame oil, buckwheat, ginger, mushrooms and dill. Enjoy warming teas, and check out our Emerging Spring Tea Recipe below! Create your own spice blends, and mix in an empty spice jar. Have fun coming up with your own spice blend names, and store in an accessible place in your kitchen to create ease in your cooking routine.


Spring is for emerging from a dry, cold winter, and stretching wildly into the increasing sunlight. Spend time outside when you can, and notice the new sights , smells and sounds of the season. Incorporate dry brushing into your dinacharya to stimulate the lymph system. Take time to tidy up your living space, and purge what is no longer needed or desired. Organize your digital files, and unsubscribe from unnecessary emails. Write down your intentions and dreams for the year, and watch them grow before you.

Emerging Spring Tea

recipe by Christine Anderson


1/2 cup chopped, dried licorice root

1/2 cup black tea

1/4 cup dried ginger pieces

1/4 cup cinnamon chips


  1. Mix all ingredients on a pour until evenly blended.

  2. To prepare, boil 2 teaspoons of the herbal blend for every 8 oz of water in a saucepan on the stovetop over medium for 7-10 minutes. Strain liquid into a mug, and serve warm.

  3. Store your tea blend in a dry, cool place in an airtight container.

  4. Happy sipping!

Blog post published by Christine Anderson of Woven Postpartum.


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