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Massage Therapy

preconception - pregnancy - postpartum


Massage therapy invites the body to connect with the mind, and create a dialog which we often call our intuition. Deepening this conversation can help  one tune into and trust their intuition during their pregnancy and postpartum rest. This treatment will also support the body as it finds its ideal posture, and a restful mind as you move toward pregnancy.


Massage therapy with warm oil balances the vata dosha beautifully during pregnancy, providing warm, heavy, oily nourishing, and grounding qualities. It encourages blood and lymph flow, diaphragmatic breathing, ease on achy joints, and space for baby to grow with ease. This treatment is an invitation for the parasympathetic nervous system to take over, allowing for better sleep and healthy digestion. 

Pregnant belly


Postpartum massage can be very helpful in avoiding any vata dosha imbalance, similarly as massage can be for pregnancy. It incorporates slow, intentional movement with warm oil to help ground, heal and connect to your birth experience in any way you choose.

Massage therapy with warm oil is during your postpartum window (first 6 weeks) provides nourishing care to your lymphatic system, parasympathetic nervous system, and tissues healing from your birth experience. Specialty abdominal massage is often included in postpartum massage sessions, which can help ease the womb and aid with healing abdominal muscles. This technique is not required and on recommendation only after an initial intake discussion.

We look forward to working with you!
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