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Accessibility for All

Sliding Scale Fee


I am continually humbled by the families who reach out seeking to learn more about holistic postpartum support, and connecting to their being through massage and bodywork. Access to teachings within healing practices, ancient wisdom and postpartum care is my privilege. It is an honor to connect with you, and share these teachings that have been accessible to me. In efforts to create accessible support for all, I am implementing a sliding fee scale.


A sliding fee scale allows folks who would most likely be priced out of something to have the chance to take part in it. It also seeks to address the systemic inequalities of class in our culture. Financial accessibility may vary for many throughout each season. Please reference below to determine which aligns with your current resources.  

Full price:

If you have financial security, own property or have personal savings, this option may be for you. An example is if you are able to pay for your needs, and are generally able to plan ahead for savings and wants with ease. This is not to assume that the cost is not taken into consideration, rather you have economic privilege and power in the community.

Ex: $150 for in-office 90 minute massage 


Middle price:

If you are able to meet your basic needs, but have minimal wiggle room with your wants, this option may be for you. An example is that paying for this service may be considered a sacrifice for you, but will not put you in financial hardship. Investing in your wants is accessible, however planning and careful consideration are necessary. 

Ex: $130 for in-office 90 minute massage 


Minimum price:

If you struggle to maintain access to needs, this option may be for you. An example is that you may seek outside support and funding to cover your basic needs, and paying the middle price would create a financial hardship. You deserve a community that honors your price as an equal economic offering as one who had the privilege to pay the full service price.

Ex: $110 for in-office 90 minute massage 

Please do not hesitate asking for helping navigating this method. I'm by your side learning with you.


Woven Community Fund

Our Woven Community Fund is funded through community donations. Anyone with financial means may donate to this fund in any amount they choose by either adding on when paying for a service or product, or by a separate donation. This fund allows folks to benefit from our services, who otherwise may not have the financial means to do so. You may inquire about donating at your next appointment, or by emailing us at


Scholarships are available to folks who are interested in our continuing education opportunities, but paying the full cost may create financial hardship. Please email Christine to set up an appointment to explore our scholarship options. 

I am inspired to implement this approach from resources such as:

Kara Aubin

Moss the Doula

Worts + Cunning Apothecary

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