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Ayurveda encourages warmth and oil during the postpartum window and womb transitions. A castor oil treatment offers both qualities, in addition to the many other benefits you could experience.

Castor oil packs over your abdomen can gently support your recovering womb, digestive system, cesarean scar tissue and hormone regulation. They can also be placed over the breast/chest tissue to help open blocked milk ducts and ease inflamed breast/chest tissue.

Castor oil packs can also encourage lymph flow, support organ detoxification, and nourish stretched abdominal tissues.



4 oz. Organic Castor Oil

2 - 8x8 1-Ply Organic Cotton Flannel Cloths

8 oz. glass jar to hold oil covered cloths

PDF with directions for use

Mantra Cards to guide you through your sessions

Womb Centered Castor Oil Pack

  • Available for office pickup or delivery.

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