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Postpartum Nourishment

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 2-Week Ayurvedic  Postpartum Menu

2 weeks of Ayurveda-inspired recipes for healing and nourishment in your fourth trimester. Each menu is curated with the birther's Ayurvedic constitution in mind, and will be adapted to support vegan, vegetarian and meat-friendly diets. Your postpartum menu will include 3 weeks worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes, a pantry stocking list, and herbal tea & spice blend recipes. You will also learn how to adjust your menu to support your digestion as you heal, and incorporate breathing practices and rejuvenating rituals.

Many families

 launch a meal train for the first 6 weeks postpartum. This menu can be a welcome addition for friends and family to reference when delivering meals. 

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Meal Train Liaison

We're here to help you launch your meal train, share recipes with friends and family specific to where you are in your postpartum window, and troubleshoot any delivery snafus. 3 week minimum commitment, additional weeks may be added on for $50/week, depending on availability. A personalized menu is included, and recipes for menu items will be shared when friends and family sign up to deliver a meal.

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Post-Birth Meal Deliveries

Imagine having warm, well spiced, freshly made snacks and meals delivered to you after the birth of your baby... we know it sounds lovely. With this service, you'll receive two days of meal deliveries each consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner, side and snack. Our menus are vegetarian, and can accommodate specific dietary requests. We keep seasonal foods, and Ayurvedic postpartum nourishment principles in mind when developing menus for clients. Additional deliveries may be added on for $150, pending practitioner availability.

 healing and nourishing support


let us administer your meal train for you


nourishing meals delivered right to your home -  beginning at $300

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