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In-Home Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care Packages Include:

- newborn care basics and soothing techniques

- access to abundant community resources

- one 90 minute preparing for postpartum consult

- emotional support

-  rest and rituals support

- pranayama and guided meditation

- meal preparation

- light housework

- guided infant abhyanga

- breastfeeding/chestfeeding support

- "How Can I Help" and "Mantra" cards

- sibling and partner support

Mother Baby Bonding

Welcome Home

Let us support you in the first few tender moments. This 20 hour package breaks down to 5 visits within the first 2 weeks following birth.  


Family in the Kitchen

Full Embrace

This package is the most popular for first time parents. 40 hours of support broken down into 10 visits over the first 4 weeks.


Image by kevin liang

Deep Rest

Are you ready to nestle in deeply with your new babe? This 80 hour package breaks down to 20 visits within the first 8 weeks following birth. 


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Nourished and Nutured

A complete Ayurdoula Postpartum Care Experience

What is an Ayurdoula?

Someone who is trained in traditional Àyurvedic postpartum practices is often called an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, or Ayurdoula. This tradition of care includes massage with warm oil, nourishment with herbs and foods, pranayama and meditation for mind/body ease, and other techniques and practices listed below. Packages for this deeply nourishing care begin with 40 hours at $3600.

Each visit to the home is designed by the birthing family.

Services include:

  • massage therapy and bodywork

  • postpartum belly binding

  • guided meditation and pranayama

  • herbal support

  • meal preparation

  • pantry stock list

  • guided infant massage

  • light housework

  • sibling and partner support

  • breastfeeding/chestfeeding support

  • newborn care basics and soothing techniques

  • "How can I Help" and "Mantra" cards

  • emotional support

  • rest and rituals support

  • one 90 minute Preparing for Postpartum consult (in-person or virtual)

  • pranayama and guided meditation

  • access to abundant community resources

  • Ayurveda-inspired postpartum recipe guide

All Ayurdoula packages include one Bengkung wrap and one Zulu wrap for belly binding, a complete postpartum herbal care kit, 20% discount to our Preparing for Postpartum on-demand course, and a customized 3-week postpartum recipe guide.

In-Home Postpartum Care
À la carte Menu

Not ready to commit to a package?  We also offer 4 hours in in-home care where YOU pick the services you receive. You will have the option to choose 3-4 items from the list below for a flat rate of $400.

(travel fee outside of Kalamazoo county applies)

- 60 or 90 minute massage session

- Bengkung or Zulu Belly Binding

- guided infant abhyanga

- 1 meal prepared on-site

- 2 snacks prepared on-site

- 60 or 90 minute Marma session

- pranayama and meditation

- castor oil pack application

- Ayurvedic nourishment overview

- light housework

click the button below schedule an introduction call and let us get to know each other

Baby Breastfeeding
Baby Breastfeeding
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What is Ayurveda?

The science of Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old health system stemming from India. Through this elemental science, one's whole being is taken into consideration when implementing a course toward optimal health. Dinacharya (daily routine), Ayurvedic constitution (biological forces that govern the body), and environmental factors are all examined when designing this individualized care. There is incredible depth of wisdom and time tested knowledge within the principles and practices of Ayurveda. ​

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