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Guided Infant Abhyanga

What is abhyanga?

  • Head to toe massage with warmed oil


Why infant abhyanga?

  • Support bonding between parents/caregiver/siblings

  • Aid in digestion and help with colic, gas, and constipation

  • Enhance gross motor skills and body awareness

  • Encourage rhythms surrounding sleep and wake times

  • Calm and relax baby

  • Relieve nasal congestion and teething discomfort

Infant Foot Massage.png

1 : 1 Guided Infant Abhyanga - $90

Together we’ll flow through daily abhyanga (Ayurvedic oil massage) techniques designed to support infant health and development. This experience is great for expecting families, postpartum families, grandparents, caregivers and more! 


What to expect:

- a cozy, warm setup to support relaxation and joy during your session together

- detailed information of benefits of abhyanga for baby, and when it’s best to and not to offer abhyanga

- live demonstration of infant abhyanga while you offer your baby their session

- guidance on how to look for cues and “asking permission” from your baby

- PDFs for reference and video access

- 4 oz. bottle of our Calendula Abhyanga Oil

*$40 travel fee for in-home sessions within Kalamazoo County

Guided Infant Abhyanga Workshops

and Virtual Course

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