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Postpartum Rejuvenation Tea.JPG

Postpartum Rejuvenation
Herbal Tea

Herbal loose leaf tea 1.5oz.


A restorative blend that aids in healing the postpartum body, bringing with it rich, earthy and bright notes.


Ingredients: red raspberry leaf*, stinging nettle leaf*, rose buds*, lemongrass*, oatstraw*, spearmint* (organic*)

Postpartum Belly Oil.jpg

Postpartum Herbal
Belly Oil

Postpartum herbal belly oil is a lovely addition to your postpartum care ritual. Application is recommended before wrapping yourself in your postpartum belly bind, or immediately after bath or shower. 


Ingredients: apricot oil*, castor oil*, yarrow flower*, oatstraw*, comfrey*, nettle leaf*, rose buds*, alfalfa leaf*, uva ursi* (organic*)

Calendula Oil.JPG

Calendula Infused
Abhyanga Oil

An infusion of nurturing calendula flowers and nourishing sesame oil. Recommended use daily, gentle enough for infants. 


Our current batch was blended on the February Full Moon (Snow Moon). Each order comes with hand written intentions set when the batch was blended.


4 oz

Ingredients: sesame oil*, calendula flowers* (organic*)

Lactation Support Tea.JPG

Herbal Lactation
Support Tea

Herbal loose leaf tea 3 oz.


A soothing blend for the new birther that assists in promoting lactation and milk flow.


Ingredients: red raspberry leaf, alfalfa leaf, fennel seed, fenugreek seeds, blessed thistle, milk thistle, goat’s rue

Nipple Balm.JPG

Nipple & Breast/Chest

Our Nipple Balm is lovely for soothing nipples, and daily breast/chest tissue massage. 2 oz.



Organic Shea Butter

Organnic Cocoa Butter

Organic Vitamin E Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

Organin Calendula infused Sesame Oil

Ground and Flow Tea.JPG

Ground and Flow 
Herbal Tea

Herbal Loose Leaf Tea 1.5 oz.


Find ease with digestion and support grounding down during your prenatal and postpartum window with this herbal blend. 


Ingredients: coriander seed, cumin seed, fennel seed, dandelion root, ajwain seeds, dashamula

Prenatal Bliss Tea.JPG

Prenatal Bliss
Herbal Tea

Herbal Loose Leaf Tea 1.5 oz.


A balanced, nourishing blend of herbs supporting you and baby during pregnancy.


Ingredients: red raspberry leaf*, stinging nettle leaf*, oatstraw*, alfalfa leaf*, lemon balm*, rose buds* (organic*)

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