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Closing the Bones

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Closing the Bones is a common post-birth practice among several cultures worldwide. Each ceremony invites release, alignment, and restoration with hands on care and intentional wrapping.


Birth creates expansion. Physically, the hips and breasts surpass familiar spatial boundaries, the belly relinquishes structure to accommodate growth, and organs adjust and nestle into temporary homes. Beyond the physical, the spiritual recognition offers a safe space for this ritual allowing the birthing person to feel held and nurtured.


During this ceremony, the birthing person will be cocooned in warmth, natural fibers, and guided reflection. Abdominal massage with warm, herbed oil is encouraged. At the closure of this ceremony, each layer will carefully be removed to delicately unveil each layer of these experiences.



In Mayan culture it is said that during the bone closing ceremony the spirit is called back to the body. In traditional Mexican cultures, La Cuarentena, or the 40 days after giving birth are regarded as a ritually dense period. Ayurveda lends nourishment, daily abhyanga , and restorative vata practices during this Sacred Window. Malay traditions emphasize rest and healing during the 44 day post-birth confinement period. The first 40 days post-birth in Chinese culture is called zuo yue zi, or “sitting the month.” German tradition refers to this rest period as Wochenbett, and is divided into early postpartum (6 weeks), and late postpartum (6-8 weeks).


It is during these rest weeks when the Closing the Bones Ceremony is typically performed. It may also be performed, even many years after the birth itself with the same amazing results. You are never too old to revisit and reimagine.

Closing the bones ceremony can offer closure and a space to be held for those who have experienced loss, such as abortions, miscarriage, stillbirths, or underwent surgeries such as hysterectomy, removal of cysts and fibroids.

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What to Expect

Closing the Bones can be offered as 1 on 1 support in the comfort of your own home or in our office. This ceremony may also be celebrated with a close circle of friends and family. Together we’ll flow through a series of hands on techniques while you are clothed and lying on the floor. You will be supported with a body sized warming pad, blankets and props. If others are present, they will be invited to assist with wrapping your body and creating your cocoon.

The format and price is slightly different depending on how you choose to receive a Closing the Bones ceremony.

1 on 1 ceremony - 2 hours, $200


We begin the ceremony with conversation surrounding your pregnancy, birth experience and journey into parenthood. Then, you will transition to the floor, and the hands on bodywork begins. We’ll integrate stretching, rocking, marma, craniosacral therapy and chakra balancing. If you are receiving abdominal massage, we’ll begin this healing practice before your body is wrapped. Once you are wrapped, I hold the space in a number of ways, usually with visualizations., soothing words and sounds. This cocoon stage is often a profound time to reflect on your journey and transformation.


Circle of Support (2 -8 people) - 3 hours, $300


In addition to the details listed for a 1 on 1 ceremony, your friends and family are invited to share their love and support for you, as well as honor your journey and transition. We will begin with a story circle to share everyones blessings, then transition into hands on care. Your support circle will help with securing each wrap on your body. Then we will meditate together and can incorporate singing while all hands are holding you. To finish, your support circle will assist with unwrapping and offer additional works of love and support. After group sessions, it is not uncommon to share a meal together via potluck or prepared dishes from Woven Postpartum. Each person participating in your ceremony will be contacted ahead of time to lay out the general guidelines, and let them know how they can be present.

To schedule your Closing the Bones Ceremony, email us at

Additional Care

Additional services are available to enhance support and rest with your ceremony.


Meal Delivery: $20 - $150 

  • Snack and tonic $20

  • Dinner, snack, tonic $65

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, tonic $150


Massage or Marma Therapy

  • $90/60 minutes; $135/90 minutes


Womb Centered Castor Oil Treatment

  • $20; includes 4 oz castor oil, wool or cotton cloth, container for cloth in between uses, and instructional guide


Herbal Foot Soak

  • $25; 4 oz blend of herbs and flowers steeped on-site, added to epsom foot bath; (2-3 soaks)


Herbal Womb Compress Treatment

  • $45; includes 4 oz herbal blend, muslin cloth, cotton string for tying, and instructional guide


Herbal Bath Soak

  • $25; 4 oz blend of herbs, steeped on-site; added to bath after ceremony, or stored in refrigerator for future use (2-3 soaks)


Postpartum Doula Care

  • $60/hour


Sound Therapy

  • $60 - $100 depending on practitioner

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